Info Hive is a young unincorporated charity aiming to provide quality information to young people and to those who work with them.

The organisation intends to create a pool of knowledge where advice and support are offered in order to help develop, nurture, improve and turn ideas into real action.

Info Hive is open towards providing help in organising youth projects and applying for opportunities, including help with paperwork and formalities.

Volunteers are available to help find the information required. They work in co-operation with other relevant voluntary and statutory agencies and will refer young people to them when further information or specialist help is required.

Info Hive can also provide a variety of outreach activities, bringing information to young people through information points, workshops, seminars, exhibitions. Travelling to and from venues around Reading is done by using an electric bicycle with a trailer. (Contact us if you would like us to organise an event in your community.)


First, because knowledge is power, Info Hive aims to RAISE AWARENESS, by providing access to young people and to those who work with them to an information source on subjects such as conflicts, migration, discrimination, poverty, human rights, animal welfare, health problems, climate change, affluenza, quality of life (additives, GMOs, pollution etc.).

Second, because apathy and passive acceptance are equal to complicity, Info Hive aims to INCREASE PARTICIPATION and act as a catalyst for change, by providing support, advice and access to a comprehensive source of information on the following topics:

* living a low-impact life - smallholdings, self sufficiency, living off-grid, permaculture, healthy food, organic gardening and cooking, sustainable travel, eco-building, intentional communities, eco-villages;

* volunteering - as an educational experience and a way of integrating young people into society, voluntary service looks set to play an important role both at European level (within the European Voluntary Service) and at national, regional and local level;

* the multitude of opportunities available for young people to develop and to improve not only their lives, but, especially the lives of the ones most in need, with a special focus on what is available for young people in the UK and in the European Union - information on the rights, responsibilities and wonderful opportunities of being a European; and on the Lifelong Learning (Erasmus, Comenius, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, Transversal), Youth in Action (youth exchanges, youth initiatives, European Voluntary Service, seminars and training courses), Europe for Citizens, Culture and MEDIA European Programmes; International Citizen Service, National Citizen Service, Volunteer Service Overseas; Aprenticeships Programme; Operation New World, Prince's Trust Courses; Heritage Lottery Fund Skills for the Future and Training Bursary Programmes etc.

* ethical jobs, gap years, scholarships, studying and working abroad;

* setting up a not-for-profit organisation and fundraising;

* activism, ways to change to world.

If you want to...

* Minimise your impact on the environment

* Become involved in youth work

* Travel and see the world

* Make the most of your spare time

* Know more about your rights and entitlements

* Learn about life chances and choices, ethical jobs, activities available and about many other diverse and interesting topics

... Info Hive is a good place to start.